Laying Low

It’s 11:25 in the morning and I think I really just need to go back to bed. I’ve pretty much felt that way since 9 a.m., approximately an hour and a half after I got up. Today is one of those days where I just need to lay low.

Or lay down, period.

On the plus side, the plumerias are blooming. So are the lotuses. And these trees that are pretty much 100% comprised of bright yellow flowers that kind of exploded into bloom all at once. Makes for a nice distraction from the fact that it’s burning season and the sky is in full apocalyptic haze.

We also discovered one of our favorite coffee places now does cold brew – finally! Ice coffee that doesn’t require milk or sugar. You can see we got so excited we spilt our milk.

Ok, it’s now 11:31, and that 6 minutes of effort has officially sapped me of my remaining energy. I’m going to crawl back into bed. I hope you’re all in good health & energy! Go do something fun and exciting on my behalf. :)

Happy Tuesday!


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5 thoughts on “Laying Low

  1. Those lotuses are gorgeous! People in Boston drink iced coffee all year round – it's the unofficial city drink! Rest up and feel good!

  2. Hope you get your energy back. Hoorah for the little pleasures that come your way like your iced coffee! I still think of my little pink plumeria sapling that I had to leave behind in my yard. I often wonder if it has fared well after these 5 years without me.

  3. i love ice coffee to bad is to cold for it right now for me to drink it,hope you have gotten some rest and thank you for the lovely comment and visit down my blog (: