They Say…

…the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is definitely a true story where my husband is concerned (and I’m endlessly grateful to my mom for teaching me the finer arts of taste & cuisine). Today, he brought me roses, and I won him over with these:

Lemon cookies with a citrus glaze, light and tangy like the best romances. I know a lot of people who take almost a smugly superior pride in being not into Valentine’s Day, but I’m one of those romantic saps who still appreciates a gentleman and likes to be treated to something special from time to time.

It’s not about going to the fanciest restaurant or being doused in gifts. After over a decade of being together, Toby & I don’t need ostentatious. But I do think it’s important to show our love and appreciation for each other, have a little fun together, and do something nice to make each other happy – all year long, including Valentine’s Day. Because why not?

So tonight, we’ll take a little night safari and enjoy dinner out. We’ll tell each other about our day and maybe curl up in front of the TV briefly before bed. We’ll laugh and tickle and tease, and it will be perfect because it will be exactly just us. It will be perfect because, no matter how far or long we travel, we know this:

As my husband once said, home, for him, is wherever I am. And my home is wherever he is too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

* Recipe for these cookies can be found here. (I made mine with lemons, rather than oranges.)

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9 thoughts on “They Say…

  1. The perfect sentiment for your marriage, my globe-trotting friend!
    BTW you could be a hand model! Why should I be surprised that the hands that do the honorable work of improving lives should be so lovely?!

  2. I had the same thought as May – what pretty hands you have!! And I do love that notion – home is where ever we are…cause 13 moves in 30 years….it sure better be!! AND there aren't a lot of sweets recipes that inspire me to try them – but lemon cookies!! Yes!

    • Aww thank you! As for the lemon cookies, if you don't like things too sweet, I might just warn you that the glaze was a little sweeter than I would prefer, so you might consider either keeping the glaze very thin, or skipping it altogether. But otherwise, I can definitely recommend these treats!

  3. That's how you know you're in love. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you're together, you're home! Lovely post today.

  4. Jade, I want to eat those cookies by the dozen! … Good thing I have a resident chef. Something you said struck a chord inside my heart that began this Valentine's Day when I saw people posting about how it's a stupid, commercial holiday {aren't all holidays commercial?} and continued to bash the day …. and I thought, "how sad." How sad to dislike a day that's set aside to show the people we love little ways we love; how sad to dislike vehemently a day of love! I mean, I get not wanting to be part of commercialism and stuff, but it's one holiday among a few other that really celebrates beauty of giving and the thing that makes us human — our willingness to love. I'm glad you see this, and I'm glad you put it to words here. It would be so much fun to have dinner with you and Toby in real life, you know that?

  5. oh yummy! I LOVE these;) we were on the road for valentines day – my husband's love was that he worked so hard (without complaint) so that the boys and I could go play and explore together. this reminds me that I need to make him a special treat!