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Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

My husband asked me to bake cookies for him. When asked what kind he wanted, he responded, “Awesome cookies.” So I presented him with turtle thumbprint cookies because I’m pretty sure anything involving chocolate, caramel, and pecans has to qualify as awesome.

Making them turned into an odyssey, though, when my (cheap-ass) plastic measuring cup that I’ve had for two years split down the side. The nearest grocery store was selling other (cheap-ass) plastic measuring cups for $12, so I made an extra special trip to the mall department store where I was hoping to find glass cups. They did have glass Pyrex models…for about $18 each. And more plastic ones for $2 each. I chickened out and got the $2 one, only to find out when I got home with it that it doesn’t have 1/3 or 2/3 cup marking, or anything marked between the first cup and the second cup. Serves me right for being cheap. So I had to use my broken cup after all (thankfully I hadn’t yet thrown it away). I’ll use the broken one to measure out markings on the new one…but that sure does get my goat.

The cookies survived, though, and that’s what matters.

So I’m sure, by now, you fellow blog readers have all heard that Google Reader is abandoning us. Have you switched over to a new feed reader yet? I decided to try out both Feedly and The Old Reader. Feedly’s import process was a cinch, whereas I still don’t know what went wrong with The Old Reader’s import, so I’m sticking with Feedly for a while.

After about 3 days of use, here are my initial observations.


  1. It’s pretty. I like its minimalist look and chose it because it’s not so loud and blaring like some of the other ones out there.
  2. It seems pretty customizable. There are a variety of different views you can choose from, whether you prefer just headlines, more of a magazine-like format, or full posts like Google Reader does. You can apply filters so you only see unread posts, or choose to have everything displayed. You can customize colors and fonts, and apparently a bunch of other things that I haven’t figured out yet because I don’t speak tech-ese. But it’s there.
  3. Seriously, the switch over was beyond simple. MAJOR points right there.
  4. There are easy sharing functions.
  5. It functions much like Google Reader so it takes barely any time to adapt to the new reader. Plus it functions on computers as well as mobile devices, which isn’t true for all feed readers.

A Few Drawbacks:

  1. This might just be a personal peccadillo, but I don’t really like how much empty space is on the sides, cramming posts into a narrow middle, meaning that for extra long posts you really have to just keep scrolling and scrolling…and scrolling.
  2. Apropos to that, I haven’t yet found a button that lets you skip posts to move on to the next one when there’s one you don’t really want to read. Not a really big deal, but for those extra long posts…well, keep scrolling.
  3. They’ve set the sensitivity to have reached/read a post at a weird spot, so if there’s an uber short post at the very bottom of your feed, you actually have to click through to mark it read.
  4. This complaint is a little hard to explain, but here goes. Okay so I have a feed file I call “Favorite Blogs.” Normally, you can scroll through and read all the unread ones in one fell swoop. Easy, right? No problem. But with Feedly, occasionally, one or two blogs won’t be a part of that stream. They’ll be separated somehow. So I’ll get to the bottom of my unread pile and see I still have 2 unread. I’ll refresh the feed…and just see the old ones. Where’d the other 2 go? There will suddenly be a new thing with just those 2 posts, and I have to click on that to see them. Not a big deal really…but WHY? Makes no sense to me.
  5. I keep my feed reader open in a tab in my browser at all times. With Google Reader, there used to pop up a little count on the tab notifying me when there are unread posts. Feedly doesn’t do that, so I have to check it myself.

The drawbacks are pretty minor, and I’m sure I’ll adapt in time, so all in all Feedly has offered a pretty good user experience so far.

So, any fun plans for the week? This week, I’m heading up to Chiang Rai again for work. A bunch of our students just graduated (YAY!!) and ALL of them are moving on up to the next level in their schooling (double YAY!), so we’ll have a ceremony and celebration party for them on Friday. This year, I’m changing up the curriculum a bit, judging based on what I see their needs to be at this stage, and on Saturday we’ll have the first new workshop in the series I’ve created. I have some surprises in store for the kids and I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’ll be sure to share the results with you next week.

In other news, The SOLD Project just got featured in The Bangkok PostSo we’re pretty excited about that.

And tomorrow marks my first day of my second trimester (WOOHOO!). I celebrated with a cup of (decaf) coffee. It was marvelous. My mom is putting together a small (emphasis on SMALL) baby shower for me in a couple of weeks and I’ll be Skyping in from Thailand, as will my cousin from Australia, and other family from across the globe. It’ll be an international shower! It’s early, I know, but since my parents have already planned to ship stuff out to their new home here in mid-April, we can just add our stuff to theirs. So we really want to take advantage of the opportunity to ship out baby things from the U.S. without having to pay extra shipping costs.

Anyway, that’s our news! How’s your Tuesday?

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12 thoughts on “A Coffee Chat

  1. i´m also using feedly now and there is a button which shows number of new posts, but sorry i don´t remember where i got it from :)

    • Do you mean the number shows up on the tab at the top of your browser? So, for example, if you\’re doing something else (i.e. email, Facebook, etc.), you can still see how many unread you have without actually going to Feedly? If you figure out how you got that number there, I\’ll be glad to know!

  2. Wow I missed the news!!!!!
    Congratulations, I am so so pleased for you, this news has made my day. I hope you have been feeling well and are enjoying the decaf coffee – that is my drink of choice at the moment too.

  3. I am hanging on for new techonolgy with regards to a 'feed'. There are already a number of people working to develop something that replace feedburner so fingers crossed they come up with something in time


  4. I am not a google reader user, I read my blogger based blogs through the blogger main page and favorite all my wordpress ones or through twitter…maybe I should streamline things!

    • It IS nice to have it all in one place…until that one place decides to up at leave. Then it's not cool. ;) Hopefully one of these other feed readers will provide a good alternative though!

  5. An international baby shower! How exciting. EXCITING! And woo-hoo to the baby-moon honeymoon stage of pregnancy. The 2nd trimester was my favorite time during pregnancy. And again- I want those cookies! WANT!

    • I just checked with my MIL and she doesn't mind if I share the recipe, so I'll have it posted later this week!

  6. Those cookies look awesome – your husband is one lucky man.

    And international baby shower? That's one that I have not heard of before. You may have stumbled upon the next mamma trend

  7. Those cookies look delicious! I agree, anything with those ingredients would be considered awesome in my book!

    Thanks for the tip about the reader feeds. I haven't figured out what to do yet…I guess I should do it now rather than later after the change is made.