People Tell Me

…that I should sit back and enjoy this pregnancy ride. I am, and I do, but there’s also a part of me that is largely stuck in a heightened state of anticipation: waiting to get to a “safer” stage in pregnancy, waiting for the next checkup to confirm all is well, waiting for my parents to come back, waiting for stuff to arrive, waiting to know that everything is going to be fine, waiting to show this baby I can be a good mama….

….because underneath all that is worry.

I act like once this pregnancy is over and I have that baby in my arms, I’ll know everything will be okay.

But of course that’s ridiculous, because as soon as the baby comes I’ll get a whole brand new list of things to worry about. My days of worrying are only beginning, aren’t they?

So. I should just get used to it. And sit back and enjoy.

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10 thoughts on “People Tell Me

  1. Pregnancy was so stressful, especially until you can feel movement. I mean you have no way of knowing if baby is okay or not. Then, once you feel movement, you REALLY freak when you don't feel it. I was lucky (?) to have a ridiculously active baby…I never did kick counts because he was active all the time. Funny, he's now a 7 month old little (only giant) whirlwind. The kid is never still.

    • I have a feeling ours is going to be incredibly active too. At least, when we've done ultrasounds, each time our baby was in there dancing and doing flips and waving arms like at a rock concert. LOL

  2. I've been a worrier for a long time. I'd like to think you get it now because I'd like to be understood. But I'd rather you not worry so much. It really doesn't help. Do what you can and move on. Deal with whatever happens. Remember what is real and now. Hold on to that.

    That's all I got.

    • LOL I love your honesty! I'd like to think I won't be one of those helicopter moms hovering over my child's every move, trying to prevent every little scratch, and doing for them what they could easily learn to do for themselves. I'm thinking I'm going to have to settle for looking like a laid-back mom on the outside, while secretly obsessing on the inside. But then again, I totally wear my heart on my sleeve, so that could be a failed experiment.

      • That sounds perfectly normal to me. Of course you will obsess; it's your child! But I think you will be wise enough to hold back and let that youngun grow and live its own life. A brand new person is awesome and awe itself will define the terms.

  3. It was a big help for me to have those information regarding a fetus development. I must read and looked at the pictures thousand times during my pregnancy. It made me feel close to the baby, and we got to know each other better and better.

  4. Funny because that's kind of the way that you should go about life as well, right? I can feel the calm emanating from your blog and I'm sending you some good vibes back :)