Scenes From My Weekend

Fresh cut fruit & veggies
And summer pasta salad
with bell peppers, arugula, & parmesan
To enjoy poolside on a hot, hot day.
And when hot day turned to stormy night…

…a cup of rooibos tea and a book.


That was my weekend, how was yours?
Show us and link it up at Bigger Picture Blogs!

For the month of March, Bigger Picture Blogs is offering a fun project every Monday: Show us scenes from YOUR weekend! As we slowly turn from winter to spring, this month we’re celebrating the theme: Rejuvenate! Rejuvenate your heart, rejuvenate your soul – pick up your pen, your camera, and your spirit!

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4 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. Where are the piles of laundry? The tax forms and receipts scattered across the desktop? The "don't forget to change the oil" sticky note on the back door? Man, you must be living right!