Scenes From My Weekend

Starting the morning with yoga,
Dot standing guard.
Followed with a cup of rooibos
And a late afternoon swim.
Dinner at a favorite restaurant
Fusion & cocktails – but no cocktails for me.
I had the roasted duck curry,
while Toby enjoyed oyster shooters
wrapped in salmon with a lemongrass-chili sauce.

That was my weekend, how was yours?
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For the month of March, Bigger Picture Blogs is offering a fun project every Monday: Show us scenes from YOUR weekend! As we slowly turn from winter to spring, this month we’re celebrating the theme: Rejuvenate! Rejuvenate your heart, rejuvenate your soul – pick up your pen, your camera, and your spirit!

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6 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. Oh I like your yoga mat. I'm looking for a new one right now. Thicker? I did yoga, too. But I did it in a studio that was 87 degrees inside. Um- Can you say I SWEATED?! Holy dang. BUT it felt good. Your dinner looks delish! I had takeout. But then again I was studying for finals like all stupid day. Ha ha….

    Loved checking out your weekend, chica!

    • Thanks! Yeah it's a thicker one – I need the extra padding for my knees! Good luck on your finals this week!!

  2. These glimpses into your world reflect such a pleasant, contented life. This weekend looks like it would buoy you up to fight the good fight Mon. through Fri.

  3. your weekends always look so serene and lovely … and I hope they have felt every bit as they look.

    • Thanks! If they're serene, it's probably because I barely have energy to do anything. Easy to be serene, when the only thing you can do is sprawl in one couch or another! lol – of course, I'm sure that will change come September.