Scenes From My Weekend

I spent the weekend at work in Chiang Rai.
There were quiet mornings before waking,
and hazy skies from seasonal burning.
Flowers for our kids graduating
and balloons.
I taught a workshop on self-esteem and ended it with
a showing of Brave, because our kids need to see more examples
of strong women in media.
But then I see these kids who succeed
despite challenges other children across the world can scarcely imagine
and I think there are plenty of strong women
right here.


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3 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. BEAUTIFUL! This is strong and clear and perfect. We all have our crosses to bear but some crosses are much heavier than others.

  2. Yes, and they have the opportunity to look at one every week when you're standing with them. The pictures are so lovely, and I'm glad to see a new generation of strong women rising in part thanks to the work at SOLD! That's a happy weekend, indeed!