10 Things I Do When I Can’t Do Anything Else

_TMK2921I tell people I have more energy these days than I did in the first trimester, and that’s true, but I’m still often dragging butt around the house. I’ll get energy in spurts, wherein I’ll get all the grocery shopping done, reorganize the fridge, bake a batch of cookies, and wash all the dishes. I’ll write three separate pieces in one sitting. I’ll research something I’ve always wanted to know about.

And then there are days when even a shower seems too much to ask. Deep thoughts take too much energy. I can barely make the trek from the couch to the kitchen and back. I used to read. I used to do yoga. Now those activities, which used to be my relaxation, are reserved for the days or moments when I have energy.

So what else is there? I’ve rediscovered what bored feels like–a feeling I must admit I’m not used to. So how do I fill the time? Here’s 10 things I do when everything else is asking too much:

1) Social media: I spend way more time on Facebook and Pinterest. Not commenting so much (that takes work). Just browsing.

2) Playing games. I never play computer/iPhone games. I mean, really, I don’t. There was a time in my freshman year of college where I played some old Nintendo games (Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda), but then I spilled soup on my laptop and fried my motherboard and lost my games, and thus stopped playing at all. Now I play really stupid Facebook games and a word game on my iPhone. I say stupid games because hard ones take too much energy. Simple, I need simple.

3) Re-watching old favorite movies. Say AnythingSpy Game, Princess Bride, About a Boy, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves are just some of the ones that have recently experienced revival in my house.

4) Trying to call up old favorite music to see if I can find a special song to sing to my unborn child. I want something nice, but not too sappy or cliche.

5) Downloading and compiling nursery rhymes to read to my little bean. Grimm’s fairy tales really were freaking grim, weren’t they?

6) Online window shopping for my little bean. I’m nesting, but there’s not much I can do about it since all our stuff is coming from the U.S., so I’m just gonna’ have to wait. But looking around at cute stuff at least allows me to dream about getting the house ready for the babe.

7) Yoga stretches in bed. My back has been incredibly sore and I do have issues sleeping at night. I don’t have the energy for a full yoga session these days, but doing some stretches when I wake up in the morning has helped so much in loosening up my back and hip muscles.

(Side note: I started asking around for prenatal yoga classes and I got one response: private lessons only for 1,500B for 90 mins. 1,500B!! That’s $53 with the exchange rate as crappy as it is right now. A price like that might make sense in the U.S., but not in Thailand. Certainly not when I was hoping to go at least once or twice a week.)

8) Take a nap. Sometimes, there’s just nothing else for it. A girl’s gotta’ sleep.

9) Take care of my skin and nails. I’m not talking anything serious. Just a little upkeep. A little cream here, a little trim there. Pregnancy feels better when I take care of myself, so that when people feel the need to tell me I look big for 4 months pregnant, I can at least take comfort in the fact that my skin is really soft right now.

10) Make lists of all the things I’m going to do when the energy comes back again. It’s not actual productivity, but it makes me feel organized and productive anyway.

It amazes me that just last year, I was wrapping up a week-long Computer Camp for the kids at SOLD and finishing up edits on my novel to ship off to my editor quickly before we headed to Berlin. That just last year, we were bouncing around in Kreuzberg, Krakow, Prague, and Dresden. That I traced my fingertips over the etchings of children trapped in Auschwitz. That I drove across three European countries. That I was out clubbing until dawn, and then up again for shopping in Prinzlauerberg and capped it off with Blue Man Group. And that was just May. Last year was a whirlwind of adventure, and here I am now, feeling so unproductive — until Toby reminds me I’m being totally and importantly productive: I’m creating new life.

Every year seems to bring something different. Life. It throws you for a loop.

What do you do, when you can’t fathom doing anything else?


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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Do When I Can’t Do Anything Else

  1. I know it sounds so cliche' but take advantage of this time, because you will NEVER have it back. Not even after that little peanut becomes old enough to move out on their own. Oh, and I'm totally jealous right now, so please take a nap for me, pin a bunch of stuff on Pinterest and give yourself a pedi, and do it for all the mamas out there that are running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

  2. And once again I am so proud of the boy. May he always realize and appreciate the value of your contributions.

  3. I wish I could come over and sit on the couch next to you and just be. There's power in just being. :-) Even when you are being while being on Pinterest.