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Today, I’m going to lay low and recover from a very busy week and weekend. My trip to Chiang Rai got a tiny bit delayed when my husband came down with food poisoning and I stayed to make sure he got properly rested and fed. But then I had to skeedaddle up to SOLD, where I stayed until Saturday and slowly drove back down. I think I had imagined a quiet weekend after that, but somehow, with one thing and another, it wasn’t meant to be, and then there was a full-day meeting yesterday, so today I’m officially taking my weekend. Yoga will be involved and I think I will do some Thai language lesson review. Probably doesn’t sound relaxing, but I’m itching to do it!

Puppy cuddles

Puppy cuddles

The body health workshop I mentioned last week managed to go off pretty well, I think, even with a bit of last minute scrambling. The kids grumbled about having to learn, at first, saying they had already learned it in school…but as is typical with their education here, they could name the parts of the body, but had no clue as to their function. Even the teenage girls couldn’t explain how or why menstruation happens. They knew all about HIV/AIDS, but had no clue there were other STDs to worry about. Plus we had some fun activities and we did an anonymous Q&A session at the end. And the Q&A lasted almost as long as the actual presentation, so what might have been just a few hours ended up lasting the whole day and they were far more riveted than they wanted to let on.

I love that little paw sticking up there!

I love that little paw sticking up there!

The other exciting bit of news here (at least for me) is that I’ve started to feel the baby move about! I can only feel it internally, which means poor Toby will just have to wait to feel any of it. It feels like a really light, gentle muscle twitch or spasm, sometimes like the baby is just pushing against my belly, and sometimes there’s a sensation like the baby is rolling over. I don’t know why people describe it as feeling like butterflies…it does NOT feel like butterflies, unless maybe they’re some kind of PUNK butterflies. It’s such a crazy sensation –two parts awe-inspiring and amazing, and one part strange and disconcerting. It makes me really realize there is another being inside of me, part of me, and yet separate and distinct.

In the meantime, it’s my sister’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!!) and here we’re also celebrating because it looks like we might finally get some rain (HALLELUJAH!).

Tell me, what’s going on in your corner of the world?


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7 thoughts on “A Coffee Chat

    • I can see that. The first few times I felt it, I was driving and then walking, so it was hard to tell what was going on for sure. How far along were you when you felt it?

  1. Hope your husband feels well soon!! So exciting to feel the baby move! My sister is 5.5 months along with her 2nd and it's so cool to see the movement from the outside!

  2. Congrats on the baby movements! That such an exciting milestone. I never thought butterflies either. The first was more like a thump.

    I'm so excited about the kids getting the education on what you mentioned. It's frightening that they aren't aware of some of these major health issues.

  3. The baby moving feeling is like there is an alien within :) not an awful alien, just a foreign body. I remember the turning over feeling and a feeling like wind in my stomach. And then the kicking. I wonder how some mothers give birth without even knowing they are pregnant. Food poisoning commiserations.