An Ode To Coffee


An ode to coffee
I would write twice every day
If drink it, I could.


*On Saturday, I had my first latte since December. It was glorious.



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6 thoughts on “An Ode To Coffee

  1. The coffee/latte/cappuccino genre must be so seductive. Your love of the warm cuppa reminds me so much of my daughter. You made me smile this morning!

  2. One of the best thing about being pregnant in France was that no one discouraged coffee drinking! {or wine drinking for that matter….} I'm sure you enjoyed that latte – I know it would have tasted like gold to me!

    • I'm probably being overly careful about caffeine–but it's just that my mom & sister both had miscarriages so I wanted to reduce that risk as much as I could. Now I'm in the second trimester, I drink coffee again, but I'm still keeping it down to a once in a while thing (partly because after three months without caffeine, the tiniest sip is like snorting crack – I go bouncing off the walls! LOL). Oh, but the taste. Yes, the taste is divine!

  3. This made me smile. :) My last two pregnancies I enjoyed my daily cup of coffee all the way through. My hubby teases me that drinking coffee for me is like filling up a car with gasoline. Haha!