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_TMK2643If you’ve been following along the Bigger Picture Blogs community for the last little while, you might have noticed the core members have been going through some serious challenges behind the scenes. While we have tried to offer our same level of creative inspiration, deep community support, and encouragement, sometimes life really does get in the way. Sometimes, it hits harder than you think.

From a series of miscarriages, to postpartum depression, to other mental and physical health issues all tumbling down on top of our regular commitment to our families and life responsibilities, we’ve been wading through a long period of intense difficulty.

We were brought together by a shared passion for finding the bigger picture in smaller moments, for looking beyond the mundane to find the sacred and profound, for being able to keep sight of what really matters to us and those we love. We love the community and bonds of sisterhood we have formed. We have found profound inspiration in the wide and diverse participants who have joined us on this journey, and we remain forever changed by the life lessons we’ve learned along the way.

In keeping with what we have learned, however, we know that in order to love others, we must first love ourselves. In order to support others and encourage them with grace and graciousness, we must first extend ourselves a little grace. With this in mind, it has become clear that, as much as we love Bigger Picture Blogs and all it has brought with it and as sad this decision makes us, we need to focus on helping our core members heal from the incredible grief, sadness, anxiety, and pain they are currently experiencing. To do so, we must, regrettably, bring our activities at Bigger Picture Blogs to a close. It has not been an easy decision, but it is a necessary one, and we know our community would not benefit from us simply “going through the motions.” We hope our community understands this and knows how much gratitude for everything they have shared with us.

As one of Bigger Picture Blogs’s core members, this decision will bring about some changes on my own blog as well. I am still passionate as ever about living life with intention, so that spirit will remain in my words, especially in my more serious posts. But I’ll be switching up my posting schedule a little bit, so I would be grateful if you don’t mind hanging around while I try some things out and see what works. I’m still one of the core members of Communal Global, so that won’t change, but most likely I’ll be separating out photos for that series and my Coffee Chats, which will fall on a different day starting next week.

I don’t expect that you’ll see much change in content, just some shifts in what happens when. If you’d like to share with me any opinions about which kinds of posts are your favorites and what you’d like to see more or less of, please do let me know!

Thank you for your understanding, and…please pardon our dust as we work our way through this season of change.

And thank you to all who have participated in Bigger Picture Blogs, and who have made it the vibrant, flourishing, supportive and engaged community it has been. We are ever grateful for you!



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5 thoughts on “Transition & Bigger Picture Blogs

  1. As I hope you know I have LOVED meeting you – all of you – and participating with you as we journey though the ups and downs. Thank you for all that you have given to me – inspiration, perspective….always, always reminding me that there's a big world out there and developing tunnel vision or becoming apathetic is NEVER a viable option! I will, of course, continue to visit you here!!

    • We have LOVED having you too Adrienne. Your words and photos are always so beautiful, and you always bring such a thoughtful perspective to everything we do. I look forward to remaining in touch with you too.

  2. I, for one, am so glad to have "met" you here and to have been a part of this wonderful community. But, I honestly had a feeling this was about to happen and I think it's the best choice for each of you. There certainly have been a lot of changes lately and I will second your statement that you need to take care of YOU before you can really take care of others. I'll continue visiting you in your space and finding the bigger picture moments in the simple, everyday that is this crazy blessed life I've been given. Thank you for being one of the driving forces of this community and for welcoming me with open arms.

    • I'm so glad to have met you too Stephanie, and I am grateful to know BPB has had as positive an impact on you as it has on us. Thank you for all you've given to us and shared with us, and I look forward to remaining in touch with you.