15 Ways In Which Toby and I Differ

_TMK7508You might not think it to look at us but Toby and I have a lot in common. Sometimes, we have such similar tastes, we end up ordering the same dishes at restaurants (or, more fortuitously, we’re often each unable to decide between two dishes, only to find out it’s the same two dishes, so we each order one and share them).

But I saw this post on Pioneer Woman’s blog, and it made me wonder about what ways Toby and I are different from each other.


Well, I guess there’s the obvious:

1. He’s tall and lanky.
I’m short and…not lanky. While I have trouble finding clothes that fit my hips, he has to duck his head indoors, near trees, and well, near pretty much anything made in Asia.


And then there’s the not so obvious:

2. He will grab any frog, toad, millipede, lizard, and bug he comes across.
I’ll gaze at them from a safe distance.

3. He’ll eat chicken feet and duck face.
I’ll eat deep-fried salted fish and the cartilage off bones.

4. He prefers fruity sorbets.
I am addicted to chocolate or coffee flavored gelatos and ice creams.

5. He plays computer games to unwind.
I watch chick flicks that involve singing and dancing.

6. He can’t listen to the same song more than a couple of times, unless it’s spaced far apart.
I will get in moods and listen to the same handful of songs over and over, ad nauseum, ad infinitum, and on repeat.

7. He was born in New York and raised in the South.
I was born in the South and raised in California.

8. He has a head for science, engineering, and technology.
I have a head for pretty things.

9. He has a great capacity for remembering details of things he learns.
I can remember the big picture, but forget all the details–unless it’s to do with daily life, in which case it’s my duty to remind him lest he forget.

10. He acts first, then consults a map later when he’s gotten lost.
I pore over a map until the route is memorized before I step out the door.


11. I procrastinate till the night before the work is due.
He procrastinates till the last 5 minutes.

12. He’s a gifted storyteller who will keep a whole crowd rapt with attention at his tales.
I tend to sit back and listen while others carry the conversation.

13. His temper is like a firecracker: explosive, and short-lived.
Mine is like a cauldron: slow to boil, slow to cool.

14. He’s had about 15 vehicles in as many years.
I had my first car for a decade, and would have held onto it longer, if I didn’t have to sell it when we moved to Thailand.

15. I scream for help when I see hand-sized Huntsman spiders.
He comes running with the camera.

And somehow we’ve managed to make this thing work for 12-some-odd years…

And this weekend, we’re going to have a weekend getaway to celebrate the 5 years that we’ve been married. Check out where we’re staying–I can’t wait!

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