Scenes From My Weekend

Celebrating 5 years of marriage, at a retreat only a few miles–and a world away–from home._1050215


Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed




Jacuzzi on our open balcony

Jacuzzi on our open balcony

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11 thoughts on “Scenes From My Weekend

  1. Happy 5 years together… and enjoy the baby-moon! :)

    I love the light in two of your photos of Toby –the second pic and the one in b/w… gorgeous light!

  2. Jade! My two most recent comments haven't been posted – I hope doesn't mean you haven't seen them. In a nutshell I was wishing you a happy (belated) birthday and happy anniversary. :-)

    Love the belly shot. That green color looks so good on you. And I bet the jacuzzi was a treat for your back!

    • Hi Shan – the most recent comment I have from you before this was the one on my Coffee Chat post (it starts "In my pocket of the world…") Is that the last one you tried to post? If so, it's approved and up…if not, I'm not sure what happened to your other ones. If you're having difficulty posting, maybe you could create an account with Intense Debate? Then all your comments would automatically be approved. Anyway, thanks so much for the kind wishes and, yeah, this trip included some definite pampering for my achy muscles!

  3. Oh the luxury! This looks amazing and glad you could enjoy such a wonderful pre-baby/anniversary get away. Second image looks like an album cover! Love it!

  4. Happy anniversary! The tones of blues and greens and the water in that last shot make this such a lovely collage. And the jacuzzi looks so inviting! Glad you had a peaceful, beautiful getaway!