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Toast with greek yogurt and raspberry jam

Toast with greek yogurt and raspberry jam

Happy Wednesday, everyone! And for me, it’s a happy Wednesday indeed because our shipment of stuff from the States has arrived! It’s a bit complicated because all our stuff for our baby, plus some household items, came with my parents’ things that they brought over to move into their new house…except their house isn’t done being built yet. So they had to pile up everything in the living room of their new home, completely open to the workers still coming and going all day long, not to mention exposed to all the humid air and construction dust. Not ideal…


(And I think my mom is almost as excited about all the baby stuff as I am, so it’s okay.) And Lordy, is it sure a lot of stuff. A. LOT. OF. STUFF. Playard, car seat, strollers, and crib, and high chair, and too many other items to name. There is easily three times as many things for this kid of ours as what Toby and I brought in total when we moved to Thailand. I think we’ve also quintupled our plastic consumption with this child.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy trying to figure out where to store all this dang stuff and scratching my head over how to put various playthings together. I think I need to be a baby Einstein myself to work out how to construct that baby Einstein jumper thing (a contraption which I must say I find kind of terrifying).

Books from Toby's & my childhood

Books from Toby’s & my childhood

I complained on Facebook about how unstackable and unsortable baby bottles, sippy cups, and their various accessories all are…but I think I need to revise my earlier statement to concede that their defiance of easy organization is surpassed only by baking pans. But I’m still going to squeal inwardly in delight because, after 2.5 years of making do with Asia’s lack of equipment, all my good baking supplies are here. Springform pans, tart pans, bread pans….all here! (And I won’t complain too much about how they don’t stack nicely because PIE. I can make PIE.)

And my wedding dishes are here!

_1050304Pardon me a moment while I just revel in this excitement.

_1050305Ok, just one more and then I’ll stop.

_1050306I’m amazed and thrilled they survived in one piece (thanks to my mom’s fantastic packing skills). We did have one box of things where half the contents shattered…but we just won’t talk about that. {whimper. sigh.} All in all, it’s amazing that most everything that matters made it across the great, wide ocean in spectacular shape.

My view as I prepped for a SOLD workshop, Chiang Rai

My view as I prepped for a SOLD workshop, Chiang Rai

In other news, Toby and I went up to Chiang Rai for the last workshop I’ll be holding for the kids this year. I will still put together workshops for them, but I think I’ll be handing the materials over for someone else to run, as it’s getting more difficult for me to make the trek out there. (And I don’t feel particularly comfortable being a three-hour drive away from my doctor & hospital as I near the end of my pregnancy–and the nearest hospitals up there are, how shall we say it? Um…not recommended.) I’ll try to go up for a visit around Christmas, but for the rest of this year, I’ll be doing all my SOLD work from home.

Toby had to do a border run over to Burma for his visa, and as the border isn’t far from Chiang Rai, he came with me on this trip. It was really nice having him with me too, and I think everyone else was relieved I wasn’t making that drive alone as usual.

Anyway, that’s all the excitement going on around here. Tell me, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Oh I can't imagine how thrilled you must be to have stuff that you've been missing for so long. And yay for more baby stuff!