Celebrating {Five}

awesome years of marriage!

Our vows, in visual form

Our vows & snippets of a Pablo Neruda poem read at our ceremony, in visual form

In five years together, we’ve…

- honeymooned in Costa Rica
- survived my doctoral degree program
- celebrated each other’s triumphs
- Burned on the playa
- took a leap and moved across the globe
- driven the wrong way up a street and down a sidewalk
- joined the fight against child slavery
- adopted a puppy
- bought a car entirely in cash
- ridden motorcycles through rice paddies
- stepped foot in Burma
- learned a new language
- helped each other pursue dreams
- rode elephants through the jungle and played with baby tigers
- partied til dawn in Kreuzberg
- seen the splendor of the Blue Ridge parkway in autumn
- drank American beer in Prague
- walked across the remains of Auschwitz
- driven on the autobahn
- eaten dim sum in Hong Kong and duck fat fries in Charleston
- drank Manhattans in Manhattan
- gotten pregnant with our first child
- learned that a solid marriage makes each person stronger together than they ever were alone
- still come to love the comforts of simple pleasures, like a good cup of coffee and breakfast in bed


- found each other was all we needed to make a home

Here’s to many, many more adventure-filled years! I love you, babe.


From our wedding ceremony:

from Ode & Burgeonings
Pablo Neruda

“And one by one the nights
between our separated cities
are joined to the night that unites us.
The light of each day,
its flame or its repose,
they deliver to us, taking them from time,
and so our treasure
is disinterred in shadow or light,
all love is enclosed in our love:
all thirst ends in our embrace.
…And here we survive,
pure, with the purity that we created,
broader than the earth that could not lead us
eternal as the fire that will burn
as long as life endures.”

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