A Coffee Chat

photo(15)I probably shouldn’t be having all the sugar and caffeine in this iced frappuccino-type drink, but I am SO going to after the day I’ve had.

Let me back up and explain. My parents took possession of their house on Friday (YAY!) even though it’s not quite finished yet (BOO…), and while we should have been celebrating, we had to deal with bureaucratic a-holes at a local district office (I think I’ve mentioned before how much I hate bureaucracy in this country). Then my mom slipped and bunged up her ankle, and things that were supposed to be delivered weren’t delivered, and then it was a holiday on Monday, so everything shut down…let’s just say it’s been a rough start for them.

Anyway, they’ve been schlepping their things from our house to theirs, and I’ve been reorganizing our stuff and cleaning…and bending and squatting and lifting more heavy things than I probably should…I can’t help it! The nesting instinct is strong. It’s a dilemma: to nest, or to rest. That is the question.

Either way, last night I paid for it. I clearly overtaxed my hips and was in pain most of the night. When I woke up this morning, I felt better, but my groin muscles have still been very sore and tender. Sitting is okay, but standing, walking, or shifting positions in bed is problematic.

So, despite still having a tall list of things to do, I conceded defeat and decided to spend today resting–which I did do for most of the morning. But then, we had an appointment to meet with an advisor about renewing Toby’s visa (normally we do it ourselves, but it’s quite a process–and there’s that whole bureaucracy thing again–and his visa comes up for renewal soon after the baby comes so we’re thinking it might be worthwhile to hire someone else to handle it for us this time around). And it was a quick meeting, but there were a series of minor inconveniences that are too tedious and trivial to really name here, so after a quick stop at the grocery store and the gas station, we were ready to just get back home.

Except, when we finished pumping gas, our car died. We had to call my dad to come rescue us (lucky for us, they’re so close now and have their own car!), and despite the fact that Toby is supremely busy at work today, he’s now stuck taking the car to the shop to find out what’s wrong, since he tested the battery and it’s not that.

Always something, right?

In other news…there’s this:

photo(14)Spotted while we ate lunch today. Yes, that IS a pig’s head. At least we know our food is fresh, right? I think?

Oh well. Could be worse. The good news is I’m 35 weeks pregnant today (a week away from 9 months!). For the uninitiated, pregnancy is about 40 weeks long, but a baby is considered full term after 37 weeks…so, things are getting close now!

And really, life can’t be so bad when there’s this truth:

photo(16)So I’m gonna’ go get lost in some happiness. How about you? What’s going on with you?




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3 thoughts on “A Coffee Chat

  1. Sigh, it's always something isn't it? I hope that your mom's ankle gets better and that you TRY to sit still for a little and relax. I know it's gotta be hard for you, especially when there's so much to do

    • Thanks!! It's an exercise in patience for both of us, that's for sure. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better after a day of rest, and hopefully, if my mom can keep off her feet too, she'll be better soon.

  2. Oddly, there is a hog's head in my past, too.

    I came home from school one day and in the front hall of the house (where I was totally alone at the time, btw) was a bushel basket. I looked in. Like you do. And almost fell over backward. There was a hog's head in the basket – no cover…just there. Ring in the nose. Hair…eyes almost closed. Unseeing. What?

    No. Really. What?

    My dad made it into "head cheese" – yes, it's as bad as it sounds. Look it up. Really. Nobody in the family was willing to eat any of it.

    Good grief. I don't care how cheap that was. Yuck.