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So I’m a day late with this post…I spent yesterday at my mom’s house helping her select curtains. Their house is finally coming along and starting to look more like a home! It’s exciting, and I love being a part of the decoration planning committee.

But when I came home and, after cooking dinner, contemplated writing a blog post…I shut off the computer and watched The Sopranos instead.

However, had we actually met for coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve officially crossed the 9-month mark. The countdown until Mister Bean’s arrival is well underway. And man, am I feeling it. I hadn’t had much of a problem with swollen feet or hands through this pregnancy, but this week, it’s definitely kicked in. I can keep it more or less under control as long as I lie on my left side and drink plenty of water, but sitting with my feet on the floor or standing exacerbates it. Even sitting and just keeping my feet up doesn’t really help.

Meanwhile, I’m putting together my packing list of things to bring for the hospital. Everybody says to pack well in advance since you never know when the baby is likely to come…but I’m looking at my list and almost everything on it is something I use daily or regularly. And since I travel light and frequently, all my toiletries and such are already in easy-to-grab travel bags (or are already in my purse) so it never takes me more than 15-20 minutes to pack for any trip of a week’s duration or less–and I’m pretty sure early labor lasts quite a bit longer than that. Even our essential documents are all in one thin binder I put together when we first moved to Thailand. So I’m looking at what I can pack in advance and all I’ve got is:

- diapers
- baby outfits
- receiving blankets (including one to bring home to Dot to help her get acclimated to the baby)
- diaper & nipple creams
- wipes
- maxi pads
- IDs, documents
- a few clothing items, but not all of them, as I still wear most of what I’ll need
- tissues*
- bottled water*
- Tylenol*

* Apparently our hospital charges for every little thing you use, and while the overall bill is about 1/10th of what it would cost in the U.S., we can cut down on costs by providing a lot of things ourselves.

This is not nearly everything I plan to bring. I’m not sure how everyone else is able to really get packed in advance. I guess I’ll just make sure my list is as thorough as I can make it so once labor starts, it really is easy to grab (or have Toby grab) the remaining items without having to think about it.

For fellow mamas out there…what kind of snacks did you pack? I plan to bring some apple juice…would PB&J sandwiches be a good idea too? The only recommendation I have is for healthy items that are easy to digest….so I’m not sure what would be best, especially of stuff that doesn’t need refrigeration. Got any suggestions?

Anyway, aside from all that, things are going pretty well here. Mostly, I’m just trying to hunker down now and get as much rest as I can, especially with the swelling going on.

Are you sick of hearing me talk about all this baby stuff yet? Haha, well even if baby is on my brain, I’m still looking forward to hearing what’s going on with you. What’s going on in your corner of the world? I’m all ears.

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7 thoughts on “A Coffee Chat

  1. I was in there a long time before the little man finally made his exit (26 hours or so). I ate hospital food, but the bland stuff. Then they cut me off at some point. I was allowed otter pops for a while. Then I ended up throwing everything up in labor, between pushes….and then my stomach was empty so I was throwing up acid which is super fun. I almost wish I would have had more food in my stomach because the barfing would have hurt less.

    Tylenol is useful but you will probably want/need something stronger. I'm guessing they will give you a prescription?

    Here, the hospital supplies everything you'll need, but if they don't there (or charge a bunch), add this stuff to your list: Tucks pads, Dermoplast (it's a medicated spray and will be your best friend), Lansinoh nip cream (seriously, don't use another brand unless you have to), chap stick (hospitals are so dry, lotion (ditto), something to tie your hair back during labor, a book for all of your down time (hahahahaha, just kidding), phone chargers, and some sort of stress/focus thing. I had a koosh ball that kept my hands and mind occupied and a cute little turtle stuffed animal to focus on.

    • Ugh, sorry to hear you had to suffer all that throwing up. I have a doctor's appointment today and will ask what's included in the package. I listed things like tissues and water because I heard they charge like 50 baht for a bottle of water that is normally about 7 baht, but really, I'm not all that serious about it because all told, the whole package at the top hospital here (the "expensive" one) will cost about $1,300-1,600, assuming everything goes normally. So I might bring a few things to avoid being nickeled and dimed, but I'm honestly not that concerned about it, and certainly won't care once I'm there, preferring to be comfortable rather than saving a buck or two.

  2. I wanted my own gowns after the first 24 hours. Didn't like the kimono style the hospital provides. Nursing bras and pads were helpful. Socks for cold feet. Magazines and books. I drank Gatorade in labor. Not the healthiest, but I wanted something with taste. I'll have to think on this more having had babies in Thailand. We had such great care in Thailand, and was such a great experience. We got a pack of diapers, baby wash, and a few essentials from the hospital included in the "package".

    • Thanks for the tips, Kim! Yes, I've heard others say they had really great care here too, which adds to me really not being concerned about packing *everything* I could possibly need. I'll check with the doctor today, though, about what's included in our package, but we've heard such good things about our doctor and hospital too that I'm sure they'll supply what we need.

  3. Keep an eye on the swelling, baby. It is probably normal but it shouldn't be excessive. Don't hesitate to call your doc – it's why he gets the big bucks.
    BTW…did you know you have "auto-co-wreck" on here. It took me a while to spell normal correctly. Nomad? Really?