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_1050642People weren’t kidding when they said this time would go by fast. It didn’t feel that way, especially not at first, but tomorrow Cy will turn one month old. It’s hard to believe it has been a month, and the surprise is how fast he changes. I remember when he hardly did more than sleep and nurse. Now he coos at us, gets transfixed by light coming in through the window, and loves nothing more than to listen to music from the comfort of our arms. He rang in his 4-week mark with an exuberant fart and a cheeky smile.

Already, he stays awake in that quiet, watchful state for longer periods of time. We take that time to talk with him, sing to him, read to him, and blow raspberries on his various appendages.

My grumpy dumpling

My grumpy dumpling

Toby has been making it a duty, after having read this article, to talk to Cy every chance he gets, to fill up his little word tank. Here’s a sample snippet from a Toby-Cy conversation (or Toby monologue, as it were…)

On being a good listener, the value of making eye contact:

Toby: Eye contact is essential, especially when you’re listening to a girl talk, because otherwise it’ll seem like you think that what they’re saying is…you know…less than spell-binding. And now, eye contact, contrary to what you might think, does not actually mean touching somebody with your eyeball–which I discovered at an early age–because, well, it tends to disturb them and you get stuff stuck to your eye. It also doesn’t mean touching them in the eye. I mean, it might depend on who you do it to. If you do it to Dot, she’ll probably just blink at you. But if you do it to Mom, she, you know, might “accidentally” drop you. Accidentally is in air quotes. But I can’t do air quotes because I’m busy carrying you.

I love their conversations. I eavesdrop on every one of them.

Made in Thailand!

Made in Thailand!

It’s funny; now that a month has passed, there is a part of me that meets the passing with a sigh. It’s the part that sees the piling up of regular life outside our front door. Toby only took two weeks off for paternity leave, so already he’s juggling work, helping me with Cy, getting dinner and groceries for us, etc., while I’m on the perpetual cycle of nursing, burping, changing Cy, and putting him to sleep. While we’ve focused on getting through this month, there’s so much that needs attention. All three of our vehicles have decided to stage a strike, needing new tires and service of various sorts. We need to get some paperwork done for Cy. Toby had to do a border run last weekend. Doctor visits. And so on. I guess the baby moon is over, and just as we’re starting to get a handle on things, more demands need to be met. Funny how life works like that. It pushes you to your edge, and in time you find how to stretch just a little past it so it’s no longer the edge, then life gives you just a little bit more.

We’re growing. That’s a good thing.

Thing I Love About Cy Today: I love the way he clasps his hands together while nursing. It looks like something halfway between hand wringing and a tentative prayer.

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9 thoughts on “Momma Chat

  1. This is magic. Truly medicine to my 'missing mommy moments' wistful soul. I've hit a funny rough patch while navigating the letting go roadway that comes with mothering 20 somethings…so this is just ooey-gooey- delicious! I love his little made in Thailand shirt…actually made my husband look when he popped up somewhere in it last night – FB? He thinks it's so funny that I'm so attached to people that I only "know" through our blogs…but I tell him he's missing out! Hugs to your little family!

    • I actually saw your blog post on that and was going to respond with something about in time finding something of your own to fill the void…then stopped because I remembered that I, having been a mom for all of one month, really had no idea what I was talking about. :) anyway I do hope you'll soon find a new pace that's good for you, and in the meantime, I'm glad posts like these help!Sent from my iPhone

      • It's funny – cause these mom transitions hit me in waves. A good bit of the time I'll be ok, and then wham – it really hits me…the passing of time and just missing the togetherness of our little unit. And it's a hard thing to talk about (especially with two kids who read your blog!) because it's all GOOD change…but it's change none the less. And can leave me wanting, seeking more. It's an odd, in between spot – but, as you said – when we're pushed to uncomfortable places or places asking more…there will be growth!

  2. I love your Momma Chats! Everything you say is so spot on. Toby’s eye contact conversation is hilarious :) . It’s funny because Connor is 7 months and the time has gone by so very fast but at the same time it’s been the longest 7 months of my life. Time is funny like that.

    Connor does the same thing when he nurses but takes it one step further – he takes his clasped hands and punches himself in the face or me on the boobies (I have the bruises to prove it). He’s special.

  3. Your baby is adorable! Enjoy every second, because they grow up so fast. I know everyone says that. It's true! My "baby" is 8 and my first baby just started driving lessons. I can hardly take it! I miss all of those precious baby moments, those little clasped fists, those first smiles which you'll be enjoying soon and all the captivating eye-contact….they are all miracles!

  4. Loved the conversation transcript. “Grumpy dumpling,” made me smile. And I giggled with glee when I read Cy’s shirt. That had to be the best Made in Taiwan label I’ve ever seen.

  5. Adorable baby, full hair and lovely eyes,
    ,☸ …have a nice day!!…☸ڿڰۣڿڰۣ
    Greeting from Belgium
    Blog seniorennet.Be Louisette

  6. Can't you just feel your heart swell with love whenever you nurse him or even just see him? And the good daddy thing…is there anything more attractive than a man who is a good father to his children?!