Momma Chat – From Koh Samui


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Momma Chat to escape to a ridiculously scenic tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. Even flying into the airport was landing right in the middle of a resort.

We had hemmed and hawed about making this trip until last week when the smoke from smoky season got so bad our neighborhood was engulfed in haze and all of us were parched and coughing. So we hopped on a short hour and a half flight (Cy’s first–which was a bit touch and go for the first half hour, but then went quite smoothly after), and pretty much went straight from plane to pool.



Yeah. This is WAY better than smoky season.


At first, Cy wasn’t entirely impressed by the sparkling ocean and warm, soft beach. But he sure does love the pool, which was cool enough to be refreshing, yet warm enough I didn’t have to worry about Cy catching cold. He swam for near an hour, was the chillest I’ve seen him in a long while, and slept the best he’d slept in months.

And this morning, he and I went for a long stroll down the beach and he was mesmerized watching the waves lap the shore.


Which leaves us with one question: WHY, in the three plus years we’ve lived in Thailand, have we not done this sooner? Toby & I have both visited the beaches in the south of Thailand, but this is our first trip to Samui, so that makes it a first for all of us.


Don’t worry though; we’ve promised Cy we’ll bring him back some day when he’ll be able to remember it.

Thing I Love About Cy Today: He seems to be a total island boy. I think we’ve found his element.

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6 thoughts on “Momma Chat – From Koh Samui

  1. Holy moly, ear nibbles! What a cute pic that one is!

    The islands are a great way to avoid the smoke. I'm surprised you guys hadn't been to Samui before, it's one of the more popular islands. (Which, come to think of it, could be a good reason to go to one of the many others! :) )

    • Contented and exhausted is the best! I love that state. :) By the way, congrats to your boys on their fantastic achievements! That's so awesome!

  2. So….we had snow yesterday! Ha, just had to get in a little poke since you obviously were treated to THE best get away. Babies in pools…it must seem like old times to them because it does seem to sooth their souls.