Little Things Thursday 05.22.14


I made some cold brew and immediately wished I had thought to do this sooner, to help combat the ridiculous heat that has been plaguing us the past several weeks.

_1060880Cold brew is coffee made by adding cold water to coarse ground beans in a french press and letting it brew overnight in the fridge. SO EASY.

But also so flavorful–I really appreciated the citrusy tones popping out of these local Thai beans. I have the same kind of coffee every day, but the flavor was suddenly more apparent.


The best part is, when you’re really craving that 4 p.m. pick-me-up…it’s already right there waiting for you!

It was necessary today. Today was a two-cup coffee day.

In other news, the Thai prime minister has been ousted and the military has taken over and declared martial law here in Thailand, but don’t worry “it’s not a coup.” [Ed: Just is a coup.]

Other good stuff on the interwebs this week:

This young lady talks about 10 ways in which world-schooling totally ruined her childhood… Do you wish you could have been world-schooled? Would you world-school if you could?


This guy’s worst day has become NY’s hottest attraction… An amazing, thought-provoking reflection on how public grief co-opts private mourning.

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17 thoughts on “Little Things Thursday 05.22.14

  1. Beautiful photos Jade,…this brew looks delicious! I'm a one-cup-of-coffee-a-day drinker myself, but would definitely make an exception for this. By the way, I love love the Thai iced coffee and iced tea drinks at Thai restaurants… is this similar or the same thing?

    • Thanks! I'm down to half a cup these days with breast feeding but this week has just been one of those weeks where one cup just won't do! :) From what I understand this might be similar in that it's brewed overnight, but Thai coffee is still done with boiling water like normal, making it super strong, and you can either make it from Thai coffee powder or use regular beans and add spices like cardamom and cinnamon. Thai coffee also has a lot of sugar–and often is served with condensed milk–and I find cold brew so flavorful it's great with regular milk and doesn't need sugar (though you can add some of course if you prefer). My husband has had cold brew that he even enjoyed black, when normally he takes his coffee with milk and sugar.  Thai iced tea is brewed similarly to Thai iced coffee, but you'll need special leaves. Ceylon tea, I've heard? But I'm not sure. 

      • Thank you for the clarification Jade! I guess it's the condensed milk sweetness that I love about the Thai coffee :) Seems I really need to try this cold brew though, I can't stop looking at the photos, it looks so good. And with summer coming…

  2. Omg I had a trenta Starbucks this morning which is the equivalent of a Big Gulp – so good. Thinking of you with all the political unrest going on – hope everything is going ok

  3. Looks really refreshing. Hope you are surviving the coup. I lived to tell the one from 2006. Thailand needs to get it together, because I just found out that I have an opportunity to be in Bangkok in October! Wish we were also headed your way. I would stop in and have a Momma Chat with you!

    • Oh keep me posted on dates you'll be in BKK! My cousin, who lives in BKK, is due to have a baby in September and I was thinking of going down to help with the baby for about a month after he or she arrives. Getting together for coffee or lunch would be so fun if you have the time!

      • Oh cool! I'll let you know the exact dates when they are confirmed. I think mid Oct is the plan, and I'll be around about 9 days. Half downtown and half in the Ram 2 area near the airport.KimSent from my iPad

  4. Wonderful creative photography and the 'brew' sounds delicious ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Wow, that looks amazing. Our good friends living in BKK alerted us to the Thai coup today. Praying for a peaceful resolution.

  6. Beautiful photos Jade. I went to all the sites you suggested: the world school intrigued me – Oh! how I would love to do those things. The World Trade center saddened me – I don’t think I would go to that and the news in Thailand scared me for you. I also scrolled down and saw your beautiful baby. Gee is he cute!!!! Wonderful blog you have here.