Scenes From My Week 05.21.14

_1060843I had this idea to get a nice, serene, cool-toned black and white shot of Cy sitting and playing with bubbles, backlit, with just a rim of light around the edges.

Serene is not Cy’s middle name.

First there was the challenge of getting him and the bubbles in the frame together, while I blew the bubbles and aimed the camera.

_1060845Then there was this moment:

What the blumin' heck, mom?

What the blumin’ heck, mom?



Then there was this moment:


And this one:


And then this happened:

What's that....?

What’s that….?



I never did get my nice, serene black and white shot. But I did catch some fun ones.

_1060859 _1060867

This is real life, not Pinterest. Maybe not what I envisioned, but certainly more fun!

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13 thoughts on “Scenes From My Week 05.21.14

  1. Oh yes. You just have to make opportunities and then go with it. If he followed direction – did the serene black and white – you would never know who he really is. Let yourself be surprised and go with the flow.

    • Yes, just today I learned he's the type to blow raspberries on the kitchen floor just to find out if that's a thing! :)

  2. These are just so great!! :D And I know the feeling.. I have been trying to shoot bubbles several times. Now it's easier 'cause my little photo shoot assistants are bigger so I can tell them to do things when I have my camera ready and focused. :D

  3. Love these shots Jade,… especially the last few. Adorable! Bubbles and children are so difficult to capture for sure – two uncontrollable subjects ;) And thank you kindly for your comments on my blog, I really appreciate your feedback, so so much…

  4. It's hard to get the shot you envisioned in your mind – especially when you are relying on the cooperation of a baby! I am so glad you two had fun, I think the dreamy shots you envision often come when you are not expecting. Having your camera in a place in your house that is easily accessible to you is key! Great, memorable, loving shots!

  5. I love the first one. The light makes such pretty colors on the bubbles! Good to go in with a vision but also good to know it’s ok when it doesn’t work out. Kids, they just don’t share our vision hehe