Scenes From My Week 08.06.14

I’d like you all to meet Lian._1070232

His mama is my neighbor, and she so graciously let me take pictures of this precious little angel baby.


This is his guardian protector. He does a good job.

_1070246 _1070255-2

I’m so thankful to have a mama friend so close by too! It makes such a difference; so much less lonely. I just can’t wait to get to know little Lian too.


He’s got some big footsteps to grow into.


But loving hands to hold him.


And toes just begging to be nibbled.


They sure do make a beautiful couple, don’t they?


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had some big (for me) news to share…Well, I just want to say: I will be making my announcement THIS WEEK! Check back here on FRIDAY and I will let you know what bee’s been buzzing around in my bonnet! I can’t wait–hope you’ll be half as excited as me!

In the meantime, join the party at Communal Global & Little Things Thursday!

Little by Little

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13 thoughts on “Scenes From My Week 08.06.14

  1. What a precious peanut! He's so tiny in between his mom and dad. You will have to take lots of photos so we can "watch" him grow! That's been such a treat with Cy, to see how he changes so fast. I'm glad you found a new mom friend. Wonderful!

    • Aww thanks May! And yes there's plenty….I have absolutely no head for business, for one. I have this tendency to work and not ask for pay :)

    • I realized belatedly that my earlier response might be read as a sort of backhanded way of complimenting myself for being selfless or something like that. What I really meant was that my lack of business sense means that people are always pressuring me about getting "a real (i.e. well-paying) job." Some people are fantastic about expecting and getting good pay for whatever they do. I'm just not one of those.

  2. Very creative and loving photography and so well done ~ Enjoy.

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)