Scenes From My Week 08.27.14

_1070426This week’s post is short as I’m using all my spare moments to finish up the final details of publishing my book, which I’m aiming to release on September 10. But I want to share this other little detail that’s been going on over here. Lately, I’ve really been wanting to fill my home with more living things–the green kind that is. Plants and flowers. A home feels more homey when vases are full of blossoms and little corners are dotted with potted herbs.

_1070421I’m giving it a go with these adorable little succulents I found. But the problem is I am cursed when it comes to plants. I’m the only person I know capable of killing mint while actively trying to keep it alive. I need a plant that is hardy, sturdy, and determined. One that prefers the dark (since there aren’t many plant-friendly (read: out of reach of child & dog) spots in the house that get good sunlight), doesn’t need too much attention, and still manages to look pretty when left untended. Whatever that plant is…that’s the kind I need.


In the meantime, I also found these adorable little bud vases. _1070460

There are several empty fields and houses that I walk by every day when I take Cy out for walks, and in rainy season, there are always little blooms popping up every where._1070462

So I steal a few fresh flowers and brighten my little home. And little cute things make my heart happy.

Little by Little

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7 thoughts on “Scenes From My Week 08.27.14

  1. I'll be rooting for you and your new succulents Jade (from a kindred black thumb here ;) Makes me want to go out and get a couple myself…

  2. Succulents are the only plant I can keep alive — I bet you'll succeed! Congratulations on your book. Good for you!

  3. I love greens around the house, too. I've brought back orchids (gave all ours away a few years back) and I'm keeping a host of other greens around as well. I have a couple of golden pothos and peace lily plants in the bathrooms. These are SO easy to care for. They're good for the air (quality) and the best thing is that they're not even in soil, but in a glass container with water, so that I don't have to worry about forgetting to water them.

  4. Love those! You are so right about living things adding life to a living space. I really love succulents and perhaps because I struggle to keep plants alive, too.

  5. Hi,
    succulents are definitely the way to go – I've managed to keep quite a few going for years now, they are a forgiving plant : )
    Love your space here!