Friends to Inspire You

Do you have friends that ever inspire you to grow as a person, whether creatively, or as a moral character, or in some other dimension?

I have several such friends (I like to keep inspiring people around me) – and two of them recently came to visit.

_1070835Dave and Leela are such a fun and generous couple. They’re so expressive and are just bursting with artistic energy.


They make me want to go out and do, and to try, to experiment, and to unfold more and more of myself where I didn’t even realize I was keeping in bud. And they do it simply by being just who they are.


There’s kind of a trend I’ve noticed, where people jokingly confess how inadequate they feel when they see someone else doing something awesome. When I see someone doing something awesome, it just make me want to go out and do something awesome too.


Do you have people in your life who make you want to do awesome things? They’re good people to share tea and scones with. If you have them, keep them around.

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10 thoughts on “Friends to Inspire You

  1. I have been very lucky over the last 12 months to be introduced to a wonderful artistic community of women. They certainly inspire me to extend my creativity. Have a wonderful week.

  2. "When I see someone doing something awesome, it just make me want to go out and do something awesome too." That just proves your own generosity – others' accomplishment takes nothing away from you, it gives you ideas. As someone recently told me: there is no need to compare yourself to others who may seem superior in some way…there is plenty of FANTASTIC to go around!

  3. Wise words! Unfortunately beeing happy for talents of others or not feeling inadequate when surrounded by gifted people is not always easy…but I'm working exactly on that!

  4. So wonderful to have friends like that ♥
    I have some femal friends I "found" through Internet. They are sister to me now. They had helped me thru deep sadness. You bet I can laugh with them too… :-D
    I hope you soon can enjoy them again