Super Secret Sale!


Happy mid-winter celebrations! Hope your festivities have been cheerful and warm and that you got the best gifts ever!

In case you’re looking for a great read to cozy up to in the quiet and lull before New Year’s, I’m letting you in on a little secret: for my blog & photo fans only, I’m putting my book The Yellow Suitcase: A Novel on sale for .99 cents! That’s right. Less than a dollar. Because I love you. (Honestly, I would have given it away for free, as a holiday gift to my readers, but Amazon won’t let me.)

The Yellow Suitcase by Jade Keller

A Novel by Jade Keller

Because you’re amazing and I am totally grateful for all your support and encouragement, I’m keeping the book up at this low, low price from now until New Year’s. So grab your copy now, give it to friends who are into social justice or travel and exotic locales, or pass it on to anyone who loves Thai food.

Get the book here, by clicking on this link: The Yellow Suitcase: A Novel

Happy Holidays and I’ll see you in twenty-fifteen!


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