Through Another’s Eyes I See

_1050417We’ve lived in this house for four years, and for four years, I’ve waged battles in this kitchen, trying to make it a space I love to look at and be in. This kitchen, with its red walls and odd nooks and tendency to attract mold, has at times convinced me it’s a livable space and other times driven me mad with desire to tear it down and build anew.

_1050412I’ve added plants, installed pretty fabrics to hide the sordid details, and tried my best to make things look like they belong where they are, rather than sticking out like so many odd thumbs.

The motorcycle helmets are still there though.

But after four years my battle is done. We’re moving to a new home, in a much better location in the city, where I will have a new battle with a new rental kitchen! (more on that one later – that deserves its own story).

And then a friend comes to visit. Just as I’m giving up on this kitchen, she mentions she would like to do a tour of my kitchen for a major home & garden website (more on that in a few months) because it has such pretty morning light. She takes a photo from an angle I’ve never considered before, and suddenly I see my kitchen differently.

I'm totally ripping off the photo she took and copying the angle. Sorry L!

I’m totally ripping off the photo she took and copying the angle. Sorry L!

I see it through her eyes and, finally, suddenly, just before I’m about to move away, I learn to appreciate my kitchen.

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8 thoughts on “Through Another’s Eyes I See

  1. Oh…kitchens are such an important room that definitely call to us to be loved. We are currently in the process of updating our kitchen…and yes, right at the holidays. But in the end when it is done…it will be gorgeous. Love the angel of the last shot!

  2. Glad you were able to see it in a new light! I love it and think it is so unique. I do understand, though. Thai kitchens are an adjustment. My battle was often with ants, and space. You have great counter space, it seems! Will be interested to see your new kitchen when that happens!

  3. for a photographer it is all about the light. I search for light around my house. It changes through the day, and now I know what time to be where. I am loving my kitchen west facing window light at the moment. And I noticed your window light straight away when I saw your images – before I read anything.
    Enjoy your new kitchen!