Feeling thankful for great dads. A present father is such a gift.

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A little thing. But such a big, big thing too. This weekend I encountered the difference between a child loved and a child who had grown up unloved, and it was like seeing a treasure and a treasure destroyed. It made me more aware than ever the intense need children have for love, respect, and acknowledgment–and more determined than ever that when my little one acts out, I should respond with compassion. True for big people too, though they’re often better at hiding it.

Things I Love About Cy:

The other day, he asked me what a kiss was. I had kissed him on his hand, so he pointed to his hand and said, “Da?” “Hand,” I said. “Da?” “Hand,” I repeated. When he kept asking, I realized he wanted to know what I had done to his hand. So I said, “Kiss.” “Ahhh,” he said.

Cy doesn’t pronounce final consonants on words. So when it came to saying the word “egg,” he squints his eyes, grits his teeth, and yells, “E!”

Little by Little

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14 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. That's a nice thought. Every child needs to be loved so he/she woukd grow up knowing how to love. "One cannot give whst he does not have".

  2. I love children's question! They force me to explain and think about things that i give for granted!
    You too, with this post, made me think about something I gave for granted: a great dad, kisses and cuddles, smiles and "i love you"… Thank you!

  3. So true 'a present father' ~ Wonderful photography and post ~

    Happy week to you,
    artmusedog and carol