Our New House

_1080008Welcome to our new home! It’s been a project for sure. Our old home was fully furnished and this one wasn’t, so part of what has taken so long has been us trying to buy all our furniture. I was going to wait until we had more details sorted before putting up pictures, but I realize it might take a long long while before that really happens. So I’ll show you what we’ve got so far, and we can maybe just imagine the parts that are missing. Here’s our living room. We’ll pretend we have a rug and some curtains. I’m thinking some lacy sheers and maybe some green curtains (olive? hunter/forest?).


Also pretend the chalkboard is a darker shade. We’re working on that.

_1070992 _1080004_1080030 _1080032 _1080038

The other part that has taken a while is working on the kitchen and dining room. I’m pretty sure this house was built without a kitchen, and then they just tacked a kitchen in an L-shape around the back of the house by adding a roof between the house and the perimeter wall. At first we saw what a cave the kitchen was and thought, “Well, all it needs is more windows.” But then we realized the reason there are no windows is because we would then be peeping directly into the neighbor’s property. “Hi! We’re just your friendly American neighbors invading your land and privacy! Don’t mind us! We have no history of this AT ALL.”



Also it had almost no storage. So Toby built some shelves along the front entry way to create a pantry and a mudroom to hang our helmets and hats, jackets and boots.

We changed the paint, put a little mirror in the entry and hung some plants.

We also want to put in a shelf along the top edge over the counter to hang some more plants and a few other decorative items to help make the place a little more cozy. And maybe some rugs to hide that floor? But here’s what we’ve got so far.

_1080015 _1080017 _1080018

_1080021 _1080022

And a little herb garden:


Wrapping the kitchen around the back of the house also had the effect of making the dining room a dark, dark pit.



After first we thought about ways to try to brighten the room up as much as possible. But then we realized that a bright dining room is just never going to happen. So we decided to work with the space rather than fight it.

Instead of bright, we painted the walls dark blue (a color I’ve always wanted in my house since I saw it on the friend’s kitchen walls in the movie Sliding Doors). We found an antique cabinet to house my wedding dishes, and hung a mirror on one of walls. I’m thinking of adding a nice rug under the table, maybe throw a sheepskin on one of the chairs, and turn the walls into a gallery for pictures, and hang a chandelier to create a kind of funky, cozy art gallery kind of feel? We’re working on it.


_1080013 _1080066

And, if I haven’t bored you all to tears just yet, I’ll share bits of our yard I’m working on adding plants to. One day we’ll do something to add a patio.

_1080023 _1080024

_1080049Anyway, that’s what we’ve got! Don’t even ask about the upstairs…we’ve only just now put our clothes away…aside from the things that we don’t yet have a place to put them away in.

Little by Little

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20 thoughts on “Our New House

  1. I agree. That blue dining room is GENIUS! And it all looks so welcoming and charming.

    You have made such a great start…now slow down and enjoy the process. I don't think we ever really finish making our nests.

  2. You might want to invite your landlord to come and see your "Blue Room" now. I knew she was kind of scare when she saw you guys have that wall painted in that colour. Oh I love those plants…lovely.

  3. I love it! I can really envision it. I love all the light in your living area. The blue dining is gorgeous! Love what Toby did with the kitchen. It's very homey and sweet. You guys are great at this. I love your little garden/yard. So much to love. I had to smile at the Doraemon. He reminds me of Thailand so much!

  4. I love the part when you have to decide how your house will be… It's frustrating, sometimes scary of the results but I love it!! So far you did a great job! And the blue dining room is perfect!

  5. well I think it all looks fabulous so far. You obviously have a flare for decorating. How exciting to have a new space to implant your own impression on. I love that idea of the chalk board. _Happy decorating, I'm looking forward to seeing more as you go along. Have a fabulous weekend.

  6. Your new home looks so cozy and inviting… love all the streaming light in your sitting room! I would never have been brave enough to paint a dark room dark blue, but it works so beautifully in the dining room! The large chalkboard and all the botanicals add such personality and warmth. Have fun with the rest of your decorating :)

  7. What a beautiful home you have created ~ it is all lovely and the baby is so precious and enjoying it all ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol