About Me

About Me


They say the best blogs are those that cater to one particular niche and focus on that niche really well. I’m afraid this blog will never be one of those blogs. But I’ve always tried to follow the road less traveled by, and so far it hasn’t led me astray.

I have just completed a PhD in Political Science, but I’m not going to be an academic. Instead, in the fall of 2010, I moved to Thailand with my husband, to pursue my dream to write novels and spend time teaching novice monks English and helping child victims of human sex trafficking. When I’m not doing that, I shall seek adventure, new sights, interesting people and of course good food.

This blog is a chronicle of my myriad interests: food, photography, culture, identity, love, and the written word. If you’re a fan of a good cappuccino, pretty pictures, or thinking about life and our place in it, then grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and come sit by my side. Here lies a perch for the wandering spirit. I hope to inspire you: to write, to capture moments, to wonder, to breathe, and to live your life to the brim, in whatever way that has meaning for you.

I welcome comments and do my best to respond, for there’s nothing I love more than talking to you about your ideas. Please share them.

And if you’re curious for more…

20 Truths About Me

1. I was born in Mississippi to a Norwegian-South African father and Thai mother, but most my life I’ve lived in California. And I married a German-American husband.

2. Countries I’ve visited include: Mexico, the Bahamas, Thailand, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Italy, England, Poland, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, Burma, China (Hong Kong), the Netherlands.

3. Countries on my to-visit list: Greece, India, Vietnam, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, most of the ones listed in #2 again, and any others I get a chance to see.

4. I am a burner.

5. I have a long-standing love affair with chocolate chip cookies and cappuccinos. My husband just has to make room.

6. I’m also in love with vintage, Victorian, color, light, texture, scents, taste, nostalgia and epiphanies.

7. When I’m in a mood, I watch the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. Or Sliding Doors or Love Actually.

8. Most favorite animated film: Wall-E.

9.  I had a dog once. I loved him. My heart is still recovering. But now I have a new puppy and I think there’s some healing going on!

10.  I dream of a large, sprawling house, with a kitchen of endless light, countertops, and possibilities.

11. Having mountains in my geographical vicinity keeps me oriented.

12. Whenever I’m stressed, I bake.

13. I surround myself with books.

14.  I consider myself a feminist. But I part ways with a lot of feminism. I think you can be strong and feminine at the same time. I think domesticity is not anti-feminist. I think motherhood is beautiful. I believe in authenticity.

15. I can point to at least two defining points in my life and I hold them both sacred. Even though one of them was painful. Both brought profound joy and understanding.

16. I’m not easily surprised, and even when I am surprised, I’m slow to react.

17. I’m a daddy’s girl in a lot of ways, but age brings ever more understanding and appreciation for my beloved mother.

18. I want to be a good mother. Some day.

19. I’m an incorrigible night owl.

20. My greatest joy in life: the people I love, my husband chief among them.