Scenes From My Week 06.11.2014

Baby jet lag is no joke. But bit by bit, we’re acclimating. Going for walks in the California sun, eating ginger cookies from Trader Joe’s, munching on Cheerios. Upon arrival to the U.S, I also promptly introduced Cy to my piano:


The toes!

The toes!

The maestro at work

The maestro at work

And his cousins._1060986



I’d say he’s hanging in just fine!_1060963How’s your week?

Little by Little

Cy in the Ball Pit


There’s a little hidden playground in the mall where I like to take Cy to play. _1060951

It’s full of soft cushions and mats, and full colorful balls for him to play with. The department store keeps the area super clean and safe, and the best part is that it’s free! _1060952

It’s a great way to get out and do something a little different.


Anyway, we are now in the U.S. after a very loooooonng flight, and slowly getting adjusted after the jet lag. Our schedule is jam packed with things to do, but we’re having a blast introducing Cy to the rest of his clan.

I won’t be hanging around the blog as much this month, so if you want to follow along with our adventures, check in with my blog’s Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

Happy June!

Little by Little

Scenes From My Week 05.21.14

_1060843I had this idea to get a nice, serene, cool-toned black and white shot of Cy sitting and playing with bubbles, backlit, with just a rim of light around the edges.

Serene is not Cy’s middle name.

First there was the challenge of getting him and the bubbles in the frame together, while I blew the bubbles and aimed the camera.

_1060845Then there was this moment:

What the blumin' heck, mom?

What the blumin’ heck, mom?



Then there was this moment:


And this one:


And then this happened:

What's that....?

What’s that….?



I never did get my nice, serene black and white shot. But I did catch some fun ones.

_1060859 _1060867

This is real life, not Pinterest. Maybe not what I envisioned, but certainly more fun!

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Scenes From My Week 05.14.14

This Mother’s Day I was treated to exactly what I wanted! A quiet hour (almost two, actually) to myself, in which to enjoy a cappuccino, a good book, and some writing.

I wore my orange pants because it was an orange pants kind of day.

I also got a wallet and coin purse I had been eyeing for months.
walletAnd despite getting schlepped around from pillar to post, the little man was in a great mood all day, we were all in a great mood.

I must say, I’m a pretty lucky mama to have these guys in my life.

_1060581How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Did you spend it with family? I sure enjoyed logging into Facebook on Mother’s Day–my feed was all lit up with expressions of love and appreciation, and photos of happy memories. Such a good feeling to see the love in this world.

Happy Wednesday!

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Little Things Thursday 05.08.14

I’ve been wanting to join in with Kim’s Little Things Thursday for months now, but with caring for a newborn and such, I was mostly overwhelmed with trying to adjust to becoming a mom. Some women seem to wear the mama cap easily; I find it hard to multitask motherhood. I’m either focused 100% or things fall apart. Thankfully life is starting to reach a more even keel (knock on wood) and I’m finding ways to snag just a little time to get back to some other things I love–like blogging!


So here are some things going on around here…

- On Monday, we decided to get out of our ruts for a little bit and go for a nature walk. Toby found a local dam and reservoir nearby (just by hunting some sign of nature out on Google maps…), and so we ventured out to see what we could see. It turned out to be such a pretty spot, with a little hut-like restaurant where we could get some drinks and snacks too. It was kind of lucky we were out there too because, as we were relaxing, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit!

We only felt a bit of a tremor–Cy barely noticed anything was happening!–but apparently it was quite strongly felt in the city. The epicenter was near Chiang Rai (near where my organization, The SOLD Project is). The kids are all fine, though some families’ homes have suffered some structural damage.

_DSF2963- On the plus side, we now have a new nature spot to escape to any time we want to get out of the city!

- In other news, Cy is turning 8 months old on Saturday! That platitude is so true: the days seem long, but the years are short. Time is just flying by so quickly. In less than a month, we’ll be back in the U.S. for a little visit. In the meantime, Cy just get his first two teeth coming in, his favorite thing to eat is Grandma’s pumpkin made specially for him, he loves to climb stairs (to his mama’s chagrin), he laughs hysterically at goat and pig noises and any time you tickle him, and his new project is trying to throw the rope for the dog. He can only lob it about an inch or two, but he giggles when they start playing tug of war together.


And here’s some fun stuff I found on the interwebs this week:

On how not to be disappointed this Mother’s Day

Anthony Bourdain on the amazing stuff to love about Mexico

And Thai men who love to dress like Mexican cholos….(but if you could speak Thai, you’d hear them speaking so politely and respectfully!)

Anyway, that’s just a few of our tidbits! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going on with everyone else!

Little by Little

Scenes From My Week

We went to our favorite breakfast joint again, The Larder Cafe, and I scored fresh peaches on crostini with ricotta, mint, and a balsamic reduction. Heaven in my mouth! Peaches are so rare here in Thailand…I’ve seen them in the market from time to time, but for about $12 a kilo. I can’t even remember the last time I ate a peach before this one! I forgot how much I love them._DSF2918

It has been so hot here in Chiang Mai, and muggy to boot. Oppressive heat, even at night, so we’ve been hiding out in the house with the A/C running all the time. Makes us a little stir crazy sometimes, but then we get a little creative with entertaining ourselves.

For instance, the boys decided to be uber cute and wear matching outfits.

_1060581 _1060584 _1060588

Little things amuse us.

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Scenes From My Week

We decided to get out of the city for a bit, and headed to a restaurant tucked away in the mountains. Great food–even better scenery!photo(51) photo(52)

Then I got a hankering to make almond chocolate pear muffins. Best muffins ever–I think because they’re made with almond flour instead of regular flour. They were so moist, crumbly, and delicious, I think I’ll use this recipe in future as a base for any muffins I make.


Meanwhile Cy discovered the joys of pumpkin….Just all kinds of YUM! this week._1060569

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Scenes From My Week

My favorite tea shop

My favorite tea shop

Cy the Gnome

Cy the Gnome

Yep. Definitely a gnome.

Yep. Definitely a gnome.

Selfie in a beanie - it was probably too hot to wear a beanie, but I really wanted to anyway.

Selfie in a beanie – it was probably too hot to wear a beanie, but I really wanted to anyway.

Breakfast with the fam

Breakfast with the fam

And a Tigger too!

And a Tigger too!

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