Scenes From My Week 07.30.13

As a birthday present, my family treated me to a massage at my favorite spa in town._1070212

It’s a great place for R&R, they do a wonderful job, and part of what I love are all the little details, like orchids on the pillows, candle lanterns to light your room…_1070214

…and pretty cups of tea to soothe you before and after._1070216

Little details go such a long way!

Little by Little

Scenes From My Week 07.23.14

Life is slowly settling back down to normal again, and we were able to even spend some time this weekend getting out into the city a bit. Sometimes, it’s too easy to get holed up in the house taking care of the basic necessities._1070193 _1070194

And then sometimes getting out into the world for a bit, and shoving the to-do list aside is one of those basic necessities. Fresh air for the soul._1070195 _1070197

In other news, we’ve just had our floors redone. We used to have dark slate tile floors, but whatever kind of sealant they had on there was coming up in sticky pieces that adhered themselves to everything they touched, including Cy’s skin. It would get stuck to his hands while he crawled, getting them covered in sealant and pieces of slate that he would then stick in his mouth. I assumed this was unhealthy. I called our landlord about it, and miraculously, graciously, she put in new floors for us.


It’s laminate, and it doesn’t match any of the other wood in the house, but I think it’s actually quite pretty. It’s much lighter so it brightens up the house. Plus the laminate is super smooth and soft, making it so much easier to clean, and better for Cy to crawl and tumble around on. So all in all, I call it a win._1070181

I was going to end the post there, but now I want to say there’s actually quite a bit going on over here and I want to tell you all about it, but it won’t all fit in one post. I’ll need to tackle it one piece at a time, in whatever spare moments I can snag when Toby can watch Cy for me: a bit on where I am in the grand scheme of things, on homesickness, the trip home and coming back again and how that’s affected me; a bit of news, and a leap of courage I’m about to make; and thoughts on traveling with a baby, to name a few.

I don’t mean to torture you with such annoyingly oblique details! I just want to say there’s a lot on my mind, and I’m sorry if this space has been spare lately, but lots of new stuff is coming real soon. So please stay tuned!

Little by Little

Getting Back Into The Groove

_1070118I think this is the longest hiatus I’ve taken from this space since I first started it in…2008, I think? Our trip to the U.S. was so good and so worth it, but so exhausting. And when we came back, we were all sick to boot. It took two weeks to kick that cold.

We’re recovering, by degrees, though routine and normalcy are still only vague notions on a shelf we just can’t quite reach. I’m the kind of tired where I make some decisions, as a parent, that I wouldn’t make if I could just have one day off. But I can’t have a day off. Parenthood is for life, so I do the best I can and try to do better next time.

But that’s just to explain why I haven’t managed to get to the computer lately. There are lots of fun things to share, and I hope to snag little moments in which to share them with you too.

Little things like:

- celebrating Germany winning the world cup
_1070136Toby played hookey from work yesterday to bask in the glow of Deutschland’s win. (I didn’t follow much, but I did follow enough to see Brazil’s total humiliation. Wow, that was heartbreaking to see, wasn’t it?)

- eating treats

_1070155 _1070157We found a new place to hang out, poke around shops, people watch…and it involves sweet ice treats and fresh mango? Who could complain about life when there’s such simple bliss to be had? Not this girl.

So tired.

So tired.

Oh the tired.

Oh the tired.

- making friends

_1070164 _1070166Cy attracts the ladies wherever we go.

- reaching milestones


Hmmm...he might need another haircut.

Hmmm…he might need another haircut.

_1070163This little imp is getting really good at standing up all by himself. He’s also figured out how to stack blocks, not just knock them down. He seems to say “Mama” and “Papa” a little more purposefully now, and once, when we tried to get him to say “Dot” he said “Da.” And, while he has always loved when I read to him, he has reached this new stage where he starts crying when I get to the end of the book. If I read it over again, he’ll stop crying…until I get to the end again, whereupon the world ends again and out come the tears. It’s like he’s distraught that the story is over…which, okay, frankly, I can sympathize with. But it does make it so I’m reticent to read to him, when it’s going to just induce tears every time!

Anyway, that’s just a little snippet of what’s going on over here. Tell me what have I missed in your corner of the world? Were you following the World Cup? Have you been out and about, enjoying the summer? I’d love to hear!

Thing I Love About Cy Today: When he eats something tasty, he sometimes says, “Mmmm!”

Little by Little

Scenes From My Week 06.11.2014

Baby jet lag is no joke. But bit by bit, we’re acclimating. Going for walks in the California sun, eating ginger cookies from Trader Joe’s, munching on Cheerios. Upon arrival to the U.S, I also promptly introduced Cy to my piano:


The toes!

The toes!

The maestro at work

The maestro at work

And his cousins._1060986



I’d say he’s hanging in just fine!_1060963How’s your week?

Little by Little

Cy in the Ball Pit


There’s a little hidden playground in the mall where I like to take Cy to play. _1060951

It’s full of soft cushions and mats, and full colorful balls for him to play with. The department store keeps the area super clean and safe, and the best part is that it’s free! _1060952

It’s a great way to get out and do something a little different.


Anyway, we are now in the U.S. after a very loooooonng flight, and slowly getting adjusted after the jet lag. Our schedule is jam packed with things to do, but we’re having a blast introducing Cy to the rest of his clan.

I won’t be hanging around the blog as much this month, so if you want to follow along with our adventures, check in with my blog’s Facebook page or follow me on Instagram.

Happy June!

Little by Little

Scenes From My Week 05.28.14

I’ve been cleaning out my pantry in preparation for our trip to the U.S., taking scraps of leftovers and turning them into whatever I could so they wouldn’t go to waste in our absence.

So what do you do when you have an excess of dried cranberries? Make spiced white chocolate cranberry cookies, of course!_1060907

I just took a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, substituted in the white chocolate and cranberries, then added a pinch or two of nutmeg because, to my mind, white chocolate needs nutmeg. Et voila!_1060911

Also, did I mention white chocolate?_1060913

I also had a whole bag of sesame seeds leftover…so I made homemade tahini to use on tahini toast. I thought it sounded so intriguing, and it tasted even better than I imagined! I wish I had heard of this stuff sooner. It’s such a lovely alternative to peanut butter.

Have you ever made your own tahini?

Scenes From My Week 05.21.14

_1060843I had this idea to get a nice, serene, cool-toned black and white shot of Cy sitting and playing with bubbles, backlit, with just a rim of light around the edges.

Serene is not Cy’s middle name.

First there was the challenge of getting him and the bubbles in the frame together, while I blew the bubbles and aimed the camera.

_1060845Then there was this moment:

What the blumin' heck, mom?

What the blumin’ heck, mom?



Then there was this moment:


And this one:


And then this happened:

What's that....?

What’s that….?



I never did get my nice, serene black and white shot. But I did catch some fun ones.

_1060859 _1060867

This is real life, not Pinterest. Maybe not what I envisioned, but certainly more fun!

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Scenes From My Week 05.14.14

This Mother’s Day I was treated to exactly what I wanted! A quiet hour (almost two, actually) to myself, in which to enjoy a cappuccino, a good book, and some writing.

I wore my orange pants because it was an orange pants kind of day.

I also got a wallet and coin purse I had been eyeing for months.
walletAnd despite getting schlepped around from pillar to post, the little man was in a great mood all day, we were all in a great mood.

I must say, I’m a pretty lucky mama to have these guys in my life.

_1060581How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Did you spend it with family? I sure enjoyed logging into Facebook on Mother’s Day–my feed was all lit up with expressions of love and appreciation, and photos of happy memories. Such a good feeling to see the love in this world.

Happy Wednesday!

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Scenes From My Week 05.07.14

Enjoying a lunch out with my two favorite guys…_1060706 _1060712 _1060713 _1060714 _1060715 _1060716

Can’t say no to a lunch out when this one is my date! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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