Scenes From My Week 09.17.14

Conversations over tea and pastries…



A little boy and his train set…




…and pomegranates.



This week has been SUPER busy, I can’t even begin to say. But there were so many good moments, so many beautiful snippets of light and yumminess amidst the crazy, so who am I to complain?

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Scenes From My Week 05.28.14

I’ve been cleaning out my pantry in preparation for our trip to the U.S., taking scraps of leftovers and turning them into whatever I could so they wouldn’t go to waste in our absence.

So what do you do when you have an excess of dried cranberries? Make spiced white chocolate cranberry cookies, of course!_1060907

I just took a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, substituted in the white chocolate and cranberries, then added a pinch or two of nutmeg because, to my mind, white chocolate needs nutmeg. Et voila!_1060911

Also, did I mention white chocolate?_1060913

I also had a whole bag of sesame seeds leftover…so I made homemade tahini to use on tahini toast. I thought it sounded so intriguing, and it tasted even better than I imagined! I wish I had heard of this stuff sooner. It’s such a lovely alternative to peanut butter.

Have you ever made your own tahini?

Little Things Thursday 05.22.14


I made some cold brew and immediately wished I had thought to do this sooner, to help combat the ridiculous heat that has been plaguing us the past several weeks.

_1060880Cold brew is coffee made by adding cold water to coarse ground beans in a french press and letting it brew overnight in the fridge. SO EASY.

But also so flavorful–I really appreciated the citrusy tones popping out of these local Thai beans. I have the same kind of coffee every day, but the flavor was suddenly more apparent.


The best part is, when you’re really craving that 4 p.m. pick-me-up…it’s already right there waiting for you!

It was necessary today. Today was a two-cup coffee day.

In other news, the Thai prime minister has been ousted and the military has taken over and declared martial law here in Thailand, but don’t worry “it’s not a coup.” [Ed: Just is a coup.]

Other good stuff on the interwebs this week:

This young lady talks about 10 ways in which world-schooling totally ruined her childhood… Do you wish you could have been world-schooled? Would you world-school if you could?


This guy’s worst day has become NY’s hottest attraction… An amazing, thought-provoking reflection on how public grief co-opts private mourning.

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Scenes From My Week

We went to our favorite breakfast joint again, The Larder Cafe, and I scored fresh peaches on crostini with ricotta, mint, and a balsamic reduction. Heaven in my mouth! Peaches are so rare here in Thailand…I’ve seen them in the market from time to time, but for about $12 a kilo. I can’t even remember the last time I ate a peach before this one! I forgot how much I love them._DSF2918

It has been so hot here in Chiang Mai, and muggy to boot. Oppressive heat, even at night, so we’ve been hiding out in the house with the A/C running all the time. Makes us a little stir crazy sometimes, but then we get a little creative with entertaining ourselves.

For instance, the boys decided to be uber cute and wear matching outfits.

_1060581 _1060584 _1060588

Little things amuse us.

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Scenes From My Week

We decided to get out of the city for a bit, and headed to a restaurant tucked away in the mountains. Great food–even better scenery!photo(51) photo(52)

Then I got a hankering to make almond chocolate pear muffins. Best muffins ever–I think because they’re made with almond flour instead of regular flour. They were so moist, crumbly, and delicious, I think I’ll use this recipe in future as a base for any muffins I make.


Meanwhile Cy discovered the joys of pumpkin….Just all kinds of YUM! this week._1060569

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Scenes From My Week

We went shopping the other day and stumbled across a display of dishes that immediately begged to be taken home with me. I’m pretty sure they were actually calling my name. Of course, I obliged because how can one say no to such inducement?_1060528

So I baked little kale and goat cheese tarts for the sole purpose of wanting to photograph the dishes._1060532

Well, that and I needed breakfast. But mostly for the plates._1060535

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Scenes From My Week

This weekend, friends of ours introduced us to a fantastic French bakery hidden away in the woods, amidst pond and palm fronds. It’s only open on Saturdays and the key to this place is to show up at 9 a.m. prompt because by 9:20 everything is gone._1060462

There were almond croissants, and chocolate croissants, and plain ones, if that’s your cup of tea. Danishes and tarts, and artisan breads of all kinds.


I would share a picture of the almond chocolate danish I ate devoured, but I gobbled it up far too quickly to snap a shot. I may or may not have had chocolate smeared on my cheek in my haste._1060467 _1060468_1060471

Needless to say, we’ll be going back for more!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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Scenes From My Week

My favorite tea shop

My favorite tea shop

Cy the Gnome

Cy the Gnome

Yep. Definitely a gnome.

Yep. Definitely a gnome.

Selfie in a beanie - it was probably too hot to wear a beanie, but I really wanted to anyway.

Selfie in a beanie – it was probably too hot to wear a beanie, but I really wanted to anyway.

Breakfast with the fam

Breakfast with the fam

And a Tigger too!

And a Tigger too!

Scenes From My Week

My boy is 6 months old!

My boy is 6 months old! He makes good friends with the waitstaff and chef.

This week, we discovered a new breakfast joint called The Larder Cafe. It would be an understatement to say we plan to go there again.

My breakfast started with a latte, and muesli topped with yogurt, passion fruit, kiwi, figs, strawberries, dragon fruit, and watermelon.

Then it finished with this:
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetFigs, ricotta, and a balsamic reduction over crostini, sprinkled with pistachios and walnuts.

Oh. My. God. I wanted to order three.

It was one of those meals that you think about long after it’s over.

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Scenes From My Week

Ready for takeoff!

Ready for takeoff!

Home baked cinnamon rolls for Valentine's breakfast

Home baked cinnamon rolls for Valentine’s breakfast

What afternoon tea looks like on a Monday. in a life with baby: nursing cover, lavender lemonade, and a pot of lapsong suchong

What afternoon tea looks like on a Monday. in a life with baby: nursing cover, lavender lemonade, and a pot of lapsong suchong

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