Scenes From My Week

We went shopping the other day and stumbled across a display of dishes that immediately begged to be taken home with me. I’m pretty sure they were actually calling my name. Of course, I obliged because how can one say no to such inducement?_1060528

So I baked little kale and goat cheese tarts for the sole purpose of wanting to photograph the dishes._1060532

Well, that and I needed breakfast. But mostly for the plates._1060535

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Flora…of some type…

All right, my flora¬†aficionado friends and family….. who can identify this baby? And by baby, I mean this flower is about the size of a well-developed artichoke, or possibly a small cabbage. It’s not fragrant (though it sure is vibrant!) and it grows on a tall, thick green stem I had to use a machete to cut down to vase-utility size.

My mom found them at the market and bought me a bunch. Apparently, according to the vendors, they’re edible too. We haven’t tested this theory though. I prefer to look at them.

I have no clue what they are. You got any ideas?


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