A Coffee Chat

_DSF1332It seems for most pregnant women, the first trimester is the hard one, with the nausea, food aversions, sudden hormonal changes, and burgeoning aches and pains. I was pretty lucky in that regard, sailing through with little of any of those complaints.

I have a feeling it’s the third trimester that will be a challenge. If you and I were really meeting over a cup of coffee, I’d confess to you that this is where I’m starting to struggle. I seem to be a lot more hormonal these days–easily angered, easily brought to tears. I clumsy and slow, off balance in more ways than one.

Sleeping is getting difficult again. I’ll find myself sitting up wide awake at midnight or 1 a.m., trying all my best tricks to induce drowsiness. But the minute I lie down, various discomforts crop up: acid reflux, the baby starts squirming around, and I can’t find a position that doesn’t strain something. If I lie on my back (which I’m not supposed to do), there’s too much pressure from the baby’s weight (hence why I’m not supposed to do it). If I lie on my side (like I’m supposed to), it somehow squeezes the baby and he starts fidgeting. If I lie at a sort of 45-degree angle, as I had been doing up until now, it starts to pull at the muscles just below my belly. And the baby starts squirming. Last night I fell asleep curled up, upside-down on the bed, with my head at the foot and my feet at the head, because somehow flipping around that way discombobulated the baby enough so that, if he was kicking around in there, I didn’t feel it so much.

_1050213The other cause for concern these days is that dengue fever is going around like crazy. I don’t know what it is, but this year the mosquitoes are out in force, passing around the disease like it’s their job. (Maybe it is their job? I hate skeeters.) Dengue fever is awful–it’s known as “break bone fever” because it makes you feel like your bones are literally breaking. And the real shit part of it is, once you get it, you’re more susceptible to it in future. The antibodies your body builds up in defense, instead of helping you fight off the disease, turn into little life rafts or Trojan horses carrying the disease to whatever part of the body it wants to go to. At least that’s what my husband told me.

Oh yeah, and it can kill you too.

We know so many people who have gotten it this year, and news reports are full of how the number of cases keeps rising.

Being pregnant means my immune system is weakened too. So even if it weren’t for concern for the baby, I’d still have to be extra careful to cover up, use mosquito spray and coils every where we go, and kill all the buggers on sight.

IMG_0039But life isn’t so bad, even with all my kvetching. This week I’ve made a lot of progress on preparing the next workshop for the kids at SOLD. It’s coming together, and I’ve reached the part where I get excited (as opposed to nervous) about how it’ll go. I’ve also gotten back into more disciplined writing practice, which always makes me feel better.

And it’s my husband’s birthday this weekend. We’re going to check a new place we haven’t really been to before, one that’s nestled in the mountains and has a bunch of caves and temples to explore. Chiang Dao is supposed to be beautiful, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

I also plan to bake some goodies for Toby. I won’t tell you what it is just yet–it’s a surprise–but I will divulge that it involves ginger and pecans. And cinnamon. Planning surprises for him always makes me excited.

So if you and I were really meeting for coffee today, I’d thank you for letting me vent. I feel better now. If we were meeting for coffee, what would you tell me today? Do you have anything you’d want to vent about too? Please share, I am, as they say, all ears.





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